What does one do after being abruptly awakened at 0330 to “I NEED YOUR HELP” to find out Pintō treed a porcupine and suffered the consequences? Well, this girl dutifully scrambled from deep sleep, assisted with clipping/pulling quills from the snout of her BGFF, sent Papa out the door for his fly-fishing adventure, curled up with her Doggie on the couch, and shed many tears. Because. I don’t do startle-awake very well after too many years of suffering it at the hand of that other guy. Plus years of a stressful career. Then, I slid a CD into the Bose and baked ginger chocolate cookies. And poured myself some ceylon cinnamon tea. And prayed for strength to make it through Day Three of Little Sleep.

This, too, shall pass.



2 thoughts on “Today.

  1. I’m sorry, all I can think about are those cookies!!
    I hope dear Pinto has recovered from her ordeal.
    But those cookies!!

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