angle of repose.

    i know myself well. sometimes i must sit with a feeling and sink into it, let it settle into my soul, until i am ready to let go.  it's that whole angle of repose thing. the steepest angle at which a sloping surface formed of a particular loose material is stable. feeling…

she came back to read to us.

  it was our first sutton library book club meeting without her as our librarian. however, she returned to read to us for our premier meeting of the season. in true fashion, her beautifully bouyant reading voice shone through, and the four of us laughed together, pensed and pondered together, and thoroughly enjoyed the little…

rollee home’ing. 3.

  and so it goes. our last night of our epic dalton highway roadtrip was spent close to home. imagine that. * i have promised milo roadcat jones a night together in the rollee home. just me 'n' him. hopefully soon i can follow through...... **********